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Houston Factors will provide you with the cash you need to help your business grow. In just 24 hours Houston Factors will provide you with the cash you need so your business will continue to prosper.

When your invoice is verified, you will be sent an advance payment. You may elect an amount between 70% to 90% and the discount or cost to you is proportionate to the size of the advance. Most advances are between 70% and 80%. An advance can be mailed, Fed Ex, or as a wire to your bank account. You decide which is best for your needs. This transaction is ordinarily completed within 24 hours. There is no faster financial service available for business. Remaining funds, known as the Reserve, are sent on a prearranged schedule. A fee from 2 to 5 points, per 15-30 days is deducted from the reserve. You will have received 95% to 98% of your money, and the transaction is complete.

Receivable financing can be quite inexpensive. A $10,000 invoice can cost as little as $200 to fund. By taking discounts from the vendors and possibly adding a little to your invoice, you may be able to factor for free. Also, this is often less expensive than a bank, that charges closing costs, origination fees, points as well as interest.

No long-term contracts Since you are never obligated to continue with us, we work harder to ensure your account is always serviced promptly and properly.

We want to do business with you and instead of focusing on your company's financial statement we look at the big picture. Generally Houston Factors is interested in who you provide your product or service to. That is why we consider companies in challenging financial condition. We provide cash flow services to many companies who do not qualify for traditional bank financing and have been turned down by many other lenders. We are very successful in helping new companies meet their financial projections without having to worry about what their financial statements look like. If you have any questions regarding qualification please contact an Houston Factors representatative.

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