Installment Contract Financing/Consumer Receivables

The financing experts at Houston Factors are committed to finding the best installment contract financing solutions to fit your needs. We know there can be great obstacles in managing consumer receivables and installment contracts, and we strive to present optimal financing and factoring resolutions for installment contract based businesses. Houston Factors does all the work so you can work on expanding your business.

Houston Factors can design a contract purchase program that will maximize your business' cash flow and expand your marketplace. We can process a wide variety of consumer installment contracts, with a focus on portfolios. Find out more information about installment contract financing and/or consumer receivables from Houston Factors today.

Houston Factors can help companies with consumer receivables / installment contract financing in a broad spectrum of industries. Consumer installment contracts that qualify for our consumer receivables financing include (but are not limited to): big ticket items such as appliances or large electronics purchases, furniture sales contracts, and cosmetic surgery expenses.

Frustrated with the limited consumer installment contract options offered by traditional banks? If your company provides financing to customers for any type of product or service, you can get cash for those consumer installment contracts with Houston Factors. Contact us today for more information.

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