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Houston Factors provides a wide selection of purchase order financing to a many industries in order for small to mid-sized businesses and companies to free up cash and continue to grow.

Purchase Order Financing is a short term financial solution. This solution is used to finance the purchase or manufacture of goods that have already been sold by the client to its end customer who is credit worthy. In order to receive funding letters of credit must be issued or funds that allow clients to secure the inventory they need to fulfill pending orders must be provided. Companies that have run out of the money needed to complete orders, and are tapped out for business loans or lines of credit from the bank can truly benefit from this service.

In most cases, these transactions start as a written purchase or sales order from your customer for specific goods. Our purchase order financing program funds sales transactions up to 100% of the capital requirements. This allows your company more fluidity in your cash flow, and helps your sales growth.

If any of the following situations are familiar, then Purchase Order Financing may be for you:

  • Seasonal sales spikes or growth spurts have put a sudden strain on cash flow.
  • Sales growth has outpaced available working capital or bank credit lines.
  • Working capital must be reserved for other departments or operations such as research and development, manufacturing, capital equipment or marketing.

So in most basic terms, what is Purchase Order Financing? It is a chance to give your company a push ahead of the competition. A way to get money for services you otherwise wouldn’t be paid for until months after it has been completed. A better solution to bank loans!

New companies and old companies can both surely feel financial pressure at times. When these hard times hit, we are there to help! Getting the cash you need is simple! Call us today at 888-234-6663 or apply online and we will move faster than any bank, invoice factor or other lender.

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